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Secrets Art- Kits

  • RoyalPrecision

    NSI Royal Precision #8 Brush

    This brush is ideal for Acrylic Nail Enhancements and is the best of the BEST! #9/10 round brush with a slightly crimped ferrule made from pure Kolinsky sable hair. Ergonomically designed for perfect balance and comfort. Vented cap offers protection for the brush during storage and travel while allowing air circulation and acts as a handle extender. Because the brush always returns to a perfect point and has a firm resistance, it is great for detail work and perfecting the smile line

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  • 5Touch-Tip

    NSI Touch Tip #5 Brush (Blue Acrylic Handle, Oval)

    The NSI Touch Tip Brush #5 is a must have Gel Nail brush for all nail technicians. Combine with the other NSI enhancement brushes to have a complete toolkit for creating beautiful nail enhancements. Cleans the perfect smile line for any French application

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  • Secrets-Nail-Art-Trial-Kit

    Secrets Art Trial Kit

    NSI Secrets Nail Art Trial Kit contains everything you need to trial the new Secrets Acrylic and nail art range. CONTENTS: Secrets Artiste Primerless Liquid 60ml, Disguise Masquerade Powder 5gm, Cloak & Dagger Shade Powder 5gm, Design Gel Little White Lies 6gm, HD Detailer Brush

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