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Primers & Bonders

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    Bond Enhancer 15ml

    The NSI Bond Enhancer Nail PH Balancer is an essential prep product to enhance the bond of any nail service and balance the nails’ PH levels, even natural nails! If you have clients that have problems with lifting, Bond Enhancer can be used before starting the service for extra adhesion.

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  • BaseCoat

    Essential Base Coat 15ml

    Essential Base Coat is a LED and UV curable gel base coat that provides exceptional adhesion to the natural nail by forming Covalent bonds between the natural nail and the product. Base Coat prevents lifting, and improves the wear of Gel Polish and Hard Gel Systems. An Odorless,Non-Yellowing product that contains Vitamins C&E

    Products Essential Base Coat Works With:
    Polish Pro Gel Polish System, Balance Gel System,Secrets Removable Gel System


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  • BondEnhancer

    Essential Bond Enhancer 15ml

     Bond Enhancer is NOT a nail primer, it works by dehydrating the nail plate and balancing the pH level of the nails’ surface to promote adhesion. Bond Enhancer pH balancer is an odorless added step that adds extra adhesion, and can be used under any salon service, even nail polish! Contains Vitamins C&E


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  • Bond

    Essential Bond 15ml

    NSI Essential Bond (Acid-Free) Primer is designed for use with your favorite NSI gel and acrylic systems. Liberally apply Bond to prime the natural nail before product application for excellent adhesion.  Bond will not discolor the enhancement or burn the skin.

    Acid-free, low-odor primer designed for use with Dipping Systems, Acrylic Systems and Gel Systems
    Will not discolor the enhancement nor burn the skin
    Covalently bonds to the natural nail and the enhancement product for exceptional adhesion
    Will not Yellow or discolor nail enhancements
    Will Not Burn Skin
    Low Odor when applied
    Contains Vitamins C & E

    Products Essential Bond Works With:

    Attraction Acrylic System
    Balance Gel System
    Simplicité PolyDip System
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    Essential Kit

    Essential Kit contains:

    1x Essential Bond 15ml, 1x Essential Bond Enhancer 15m, 1x Essential Base Coat 15ml, 1x Eessentail Seal 15ml

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  • PolybondBrushOn_Clear

    Polybond Brush on Glue 7g

    • Fast-drying adhesive that is extremely easy to use
    • Brush-on application in a clear adhesive
    • The container won’t clog or spill, essentially eliminating product waste
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  • Superbond_Primer

    Superbond Primer 10ml

    NSI Superbond is the original nail primer formula used in the nail industry. Made of 100% methacylic acid to promote adhesion. Safely packaged.A little goes a long way… use sparingly

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