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Attraction- Kits

NSI offers a wide range of acrylic powders and monomers. The Attraction range guarantees a non crystallizing, smooth, workable, and self leveling product, making it user friendly to work with. NSI has a large variety of natural pinks, cover pinks and whites. Technicians are able to offer a unique look to their clients as well as colour customization.

  • Discovery Attraction Kit

    Attraction Discovery Kit

    Attraction Nail Liquid 240ml, Radiant Pink Powder 40gm, Totally Clear Powder 40gm, Radiant White Powder 7gm, Sheer Pink Powder 7gm, Extreme Pink Powder 7gm, Purely Pink Powder 7gm, Purely Pink Masque Powder 7gm, Winning White Powder 7gm, Nail Pure Plus 70ml, Attract Primer 7ml, Nurture oil 15ml

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  • yummy pack

    Attraction Perfectly Yummy Pack

    Contains: Attraction Nail Liquid 240ml, Radiant White Powder 40gm, Totally Clear Powder 40gm, Purely Pink Masque Powder 40gm, 

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  • Pro Kit front

    Attraction Professional Kit

    Attraction Nail Liquid  118ml, Three – 40gm  Powders (Radiant White, Sheer Pink & Totally Clear), Four – 7gm  Powders (Extreme Pink, Radiant White, Purely Pink, Purely Pink Masque & Secrets Veil White), Attract (Acid-Free) Primer  7ml, Sani-Pure Spray 59ml, Nailpure Plus 70ml, Cleanse 59ml, Nurture Oil 15ml, Grand Kolinsky Brush #8, Dappen dish with lid, Precision Clear Tips 50Ct. (asst. #1-10), Precision Natural Tips 50Ct. (asst. #1-10), Precision White Tips 50Ct. (asst.#1-10), Polybond Adhesive 7ml, Endurance 100/100 Grit File, Endurance 150/150 Grit File, Endurance 180/180 Grit File, Endurance 180/240 Grit Buffer, Lavender Block Buffer, Glaze ‘n Go 7ml, Line Out 15ml, Platinum Nail Forms (30Ct.), Brush Cleaner 59mL, Nail Wipes (48Ct.)

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  • ASamplerKit

    Attraction Sample Kit

    Attraction Nail Liquid 30ml, Radiant Pink Powder 7gm, Radiant White Powder 7gm, Totally Clear 7gm

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